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SRC - Studio Ricerca e Comunicazione
SRC is the society within the Group which specializes in:
• Cultural, sociological, economical, commercial, political-strategic studies, sector studies and market research.
• Bibliographic and documentary research, specialized in law, economics, commerce, tax and politics. The research can be tied to further analysis and studies.
• Country dossiers (political and economical profiles of any country in the world).
• Archive research (by specialists).
• Osint (Open Sources Intelligence): the documentary and informative research work in unclassified “open” sources, in order to create in-depth and updated information, analysis and studies.
• Media monitoring. The service offers a much more accurate information and media analysis than classic press agencies: the client defines the sector and all the possible sources (press, television, etc.). The sources are then classified, analyzed and evaluated as basis for reports describing the image different media give of the sector, the enterprise or the institution. The service can be enriched through indications of communication strategies which can further enhance the client’s image.


GW (Ghostwriting) - Written Communication at Every Level and Support for any Authoring Need
Gruppo Orbis offers a complete ghostwriting service, from its most classic form (speeches and other kind of public declarations, articles, essays and books) for politicians, executives, professionals, organizations, companies and publishing houses, from texts for celebrities to texts for anyone.
There are no limitations to subjects, and the service can be applied to any kind of documents in the fields of non-fiction, literature, corporate communication or biography.


Created in 1983, within a few years ASER became one of the most famous names in the universe of academic consultancy.
Today the company’s activities are becoming even more qualified and specialized: it does not simply meet students' research and writing needs but also supports researchers, teachers, professionals and consultancy companies, offering a kind of academic background work, and a solution to one of the biggest problems of contemporary work: the lack of time.


Distance Learning
In a constantly changing world, education has become a permanent phenomenon, and is truly essential if we want to be constantly ahead in any professional field.
What our Group aims at in this sector is creating an “educational container”, a site which addresses the most different disciplines and themes, to satisfy the education needs of a potentially countless audience: language training, sales courses, self defense, safety in the workplace (Legge 626), private tutoring for school or university, preparation to exams or open work competitions, or simply the satisfaction of cultural curiosity throughout the widest articulations of knowledge.
The service offers different solutions for education, thanks to complex and sophisticated “online” services which allow to:
• Directly sell courses on CD format
• Attend courses in streaming
• Attend courses through a Webcam (for private tutoring).


FIT - Found in Translation
FIT is the “window on the world” of Gruppo Orbis, aiming to create a worldwide network of translators in order to offer the widest possible language range and a diversified range of texts, always maintaining the highest quality level.


Text Summaries
Text summarization is gaining increased importance not only in the academic environment (e.g. in order to offer university students an effective learning tool) but also at work: in a world where time is becoming a precious resource, being able to read a synthesis or documents or studies is an important opportunity for anyone who works in an executive position in any field.


Publishing, Research for Italian or Non-Italian Authors, Corporate Publishing
Our publishing sector encompasses different levels. The first aspect is “pure” publishing: our own publishing house prints all the text within the group’s area of interest.

The second aspect is instrumental-functional authoring, the publishing activity born from market demand: the author of a novel, an essay, a biography, a poetry book may be interested in publication, and the Group offers a one-stop service, from text revision and editing to actual publication (the number of copies is agreed upon with the author).

The third level is mass publishing, the “ready to use” creation of corporate monographies, bios and brand history; the Group can follow any aspect of this work, from documentary research to writing, from publishing to binding.

Finally, the Group offers a research service for Italian and foreign authors. Many contemporary authors benefit from the work of documentation societies for in-depth research they do not have the time or the inclination to carry out in person. Our research allows them to write with full knowledge, avoiding factual mistakes which can be easily spotted by readers and compromise their image.

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