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After taking part in the process of the internationalization of the economy as an information service, market research and sector survey company for the first four years of its existence, the Gruppo Orbis company has opted for a further qualitative leap, willing to change its position on the market which will take it from being an external observer to an active participant of the aforementioned business fields.
Therefore, starting from January 1st, 2012, a new department has been created dealing with:

• Company Acquisitions.
The aim of the Group, in the field of acquisitions, is to act as an intermediary between operators in the field of economics with the aim of selling companies, shares or branches of these same companies and investors, be they Italian or foreign, who might beinterested in buying them. At the present time this activity operates only within the Italian market, though entries into other markets are likely in the near future.

• Technological Know-How Transfer and Research into Trade Opportunities.
Italian industry has matured in many fields over the last few decades, gaining an excellent position that has not been adequately acknowledged. This state of affairs may also be because of the difficulties that small and medium enterprises face upon attempting to enter the international market as leaders given their inherent limits of dimensioning and critical mass. A spinoff of becoming leaders in this market would be that of acquiring recognition as reliable interlocutors by their potential partners. The activity Gruppo Orbis intends to develop in this field is in fact to foster such internationalization dynamics in any possible way: from the creation of company pools for a more consistent presence on foreign markets looking for new opportunities. Gruppo Orbis wants to locate those companies that would like to go beyond a merely national operative dimension looking for new horizons regardless of where they may be, up to and including foreign licensing of their patents and knowhow, accounting for their actual technological wealth. A “variable geometry” structuring that can adapt and shape itself to the clients’ needs and satisfy their wishes with tailored ideas and proposals encompassing research projects into new interlocutors, entries into new markets, evaluation of possible partnerships, and so on.
This may work as well the other way round, i.e. opening the Italian market to foreign companies interested in entering it.

• Research and Purchase of Products and Services on behalf of Third Parties.
Foreign companies very often survey the Italian market to buy products and services for themselves or on behalf of third parties. Gruppo Orbis makes itself available for service such as offering intermediation support, finding suppliers, interlocutors and potential partners, and is also offering itself for a similar function with Italian companies.

Other activities of such nature are in the pipeline for the coming months, but is still rather early to predict the content of such activities. When the time is right a fitting announcement will be made giving further details about these activities.

The strategic purpose of this is crystal clear: the full usage of the deep-reaching knowledge of the Italian and foreign social-economic markets and the dense network of public and private relationships that have been consolidated by Gruppo Orbis over the years to support its interlocutors also from an operative stance (from business management to marketing strategy) in a more structured and comprehensive way.

For more info about the newly developed activities, please contact us, clicking here.

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